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Humbug Chapter 73

Humbug Chapter 73 sponsored Umpqua Joe from a fledgling outpost to our chartering. Here is some information about their upcoming events.


Show some brothrly love.

Grand Council

The Grand Council has it's own website. For news and information from the Grand Council, visit the web link below.

ECV Gazette

There is also a site containing the news letter for ECV. The link is displayed below.

E Clampus Vitus Chapter 54 - 40

John P. Squibob Chapter #1853

Doc Maynard announces Fall Doins Event:

Return to the Duck!

Click on the document for more information.

John Squibob Chapter is announcing their Spring Doin's & Family Clampout. 

Click on the procs below to find out more.

1853 Spring Proc.png
1853 Family Clampout.png
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